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Your bathroom no longer needs to be plain and boring. Geelong Glazier specialise in creating modern yet timeless glass shower screens to suit the style of yours.
Let your shower glass be the showpiece of the bathroom of yours and even create the own sense of yours of tranquillity. All shower screens are actually custom made to suit the unique requirements of yours, helping you achieve a stylish and seamless look.
Geelong Glazier only offer the top quality strengthened glass shower screens, which means you are able to rest assured that your shower glass will look great in the space of yours and last for years. From creation to installation to shower screen repairs, we are able to enable you to accomplish all your bath glass needs.
Installations of non compliant glass create opportunities for injury which is why our glass is actually manufactured and installed to Australian Standards AS1288.
We also offer Nanocoating for glass which provides a water repellent barrier and protects the glass from grime and dirt so your shower screen requires less maintenance.


At Geelong Glazier, manufacture, we design, and install quality shower screens to fit your bathroom dimensions and unique requirements. With these shower screens, you are able to choose between a wide range of configuration options, and we offer a choice between smooth or mitred, polished edges.

We use 10mm toughened safety glass to construct our frameless shower screen panels, along with quality brackets and hinges to ensure maximum durability and power.

In case you’re trying to install a frameless shower screen in the home of yours or perhaps business bathroom in Geelong, contact the team of ours at Geelong Glazier and check out the range of products we offer. We will come to the property of yours, take measurements, as well as provide you with a free quote containing an upfront price schedule without any hidden fees.

If you’re content with the price, we will offer you a a complete shower installation service to update the bathroom of yours.

We make the process simple from booking your obligation free measure & quote through to a professionally installed finished product.

Speak to one of our friendly helpful staff regarding your glass frameless shower screen and you are going to wonder why you had not done it sooner.


Geelong Glazier can precisely measure, manufacture & install a new Semi frameless Shower Screen, custom made to suit the bathroom of yours.

At Geelong Glazier, we design, manufacture, and install semi frameless shower screens in Geelong, using toughened safety glass with a thickness of six mm. With this particular kind of shower screen, you are able to choose between a wide range of glass finishes and frame colours, including matt natural, white, and black.

The semi frameless glass panels of ours are also available in mitred and smooth-polished edges. Polished edges incorporate clean, glossy lines into the bathroom of yours, giving it a sleek appearance. Mitred edges create a unique visual aesthetic to bathrooms as well as provide a sturdy connection method for glass screens and panels.

We make the process simple from booking your obligation free measure & quote through to a professionally installed finished product.

Speak to one of our helpful team of expert glaziers to find the right new semi frameless screens.



Geelong Glazier can also measure, manufacture and install a new fully framed shower screen, custom made to suit the bathroom of yours.

At Geelong Glazier, we offer fully framed shower screen products that consist of 6.38 laminated safety glass, five mm, or perhaps 10mm toughened glass. All panels in that kind of shower screen, like the shower doors, have an individual frame. The glass frames contribute substantially to the stability of the shower screen and prevent water leaks and spills.

We design fully framed shower screens to the dimensions of the available space and the unique needs of yours. Before providing you with an installation service, we will measure the bathroom of yours as well as provide you with a free price quote.

The staff of ours will even enable you to shop for quality screens that match your space’s personal preferences and aesthetics. If you’re happy with the info in the quote, we will offer you a a full installation service which includes the custom manufacturing of your screens’ frame and glass panels.

We make the process simple from booking your obligation free measure & quote through to a professionally installed finished product.

Speak to one of our friendly, staff that is helpful regarding your fully framed glass shower screens and you are going to wonder why you had not done it sooner.


If for any reason none of our quality custom designed glass shower screen products are actually ideal for your bathroom space or perhaps requirements we are able to also recommend alternative products which will accommodate the needs of yours.

We offer Sill less Shower Screens as well as Bath Screens & Swing Panels to assist when space or perhaps design needs require another solution.

See below for more information or perhaps contact us to speak to one of the teams about your product needs.


Where there’s a necessity for no floor obstruction to access the shower of yours, we are able to offer Phoenix Sill Less Shower Screens which are actually made in Bright Silver, Matt Natural, Bright Gold, Pearl White, White Birch, Barley or perhaps Black power coated aluminium frames in a selection of clear, toned or perhaps obscure safety glass types.

Bath Screens

A bath screen is actually a glass panel we install as an enclosure, converting the tub of yours into a bath and shower combo setup. When your tub already doubles as a shower, installing our quality bath screen is actually the perfect solution to avoid water spillage in the bathroom of yours.

We offer a broad range of bath screen types and dimensions. While we typically fix bath screens to bathrooms’ walls using fasteners or perhaps hinge mechanisms, the staff of ours also can provide you with another custom solution, depending on the needs of yours. We are able to install glass bath screens with shower doors, providing comfortable access.

Swing Panels

Unlike a standard shower door that slides or perhaps swings open on butt hinges, a swing panel is actually a glass pivot door rotating on a spindle. We are able to put in a pivot door to open in both directions, providing convenient shower access, even in case you’ve limited floor space.

A swing door is actually among the more luxurious alternative options, and it does not need a track at the bottom of the door, which reduces the cost of installation to an extent.


At Geelong Glazier, we offer the complete design and installation of luxury shower screens to residents of Geelong and surrounding communities. As one of the only companies that measure and manufacture shower screens in Geelong, we are able to create a shower door or perhaps panel bath screen to meet your bathroom’s exact measurements.

Customizing your shower screen or perhaps pivot door to the shower area of yours allows us to get the best fit and optimal aesthetics. We carry out every shower screen installation to match your bathroom’s dimensions, ensuring that the openings along the bottom or perhaps top do not have to have a silicone filler application.

The team of ours is going to incorporate all of your specific requirements during shower screen fitting projects, such as the choice of yours of colours and frame thicknesses. We will also provide you with a complete range of hardware options which includes a selection of brackets, hinges, and handles.


Get in Touch With Our Expert Glaziers

Our staff has extensive experience installing and supplying shower screen products to Geelong homes and commercially to businesses. We just work with reputable Australian glass manufacturers, ensuring probably the highest quality standards.


The shower screens we manufacture and install have relatively low maintenance requirements, and they’re simple to clean. Mould and mildew filaments cannot grow on our glass screen surfaces, frames, and hardware, despite long term exposure to humidity that is high.

Cleaning your shower screens and doors is pretty easy, and you do not need expensive chemical substances to keep the glass panels clean.

In order to clean the shower of yours, wash the screens and frames using mild soap water which is actually pH neutral. Next, rinse the panels with water that is cool and wipe them dry out with a soft microfiber cloth. The whole cleaning process only takes a couple of minutes, and you are able to use mild products you already own, such as dishwashing liquid or perhaps window cleaner.


At Geelong Glazier, we’ve much more than fifteen years of experience in the supply and installation of high quality custom glazing products. We serve commercial and residential customers throughout Geelong and also have a great track record across different industries, including real estate, health, and retail.

In case you’re trying to put in a glass shower screen in your business or perhaps home, partner with a glazing specialist who commits to premium grade materials and expert installations. We maintain probably the highest level of customer service to make sure you’re happy with the project results.

The staff of ours is going to guide you through the process of selecting a shower screen and determining the correct dimensions and configuration for the bathroom of yours. We also streamline our installation process to minimise inconvenience and save you valuable time and money.


When considering a new shower, glass shower screen, or perhaps bath screen for your bathroom renovation, you might feel overwhelmed by the broad range of products we offer. Nevertheless, with the help of the staff of ours at Geelong Glazier, choosing the right glass shower screen for the bathroom of yours are able to be convenient and easy, and you can rest assured you’re making the perfect decision.

Completely customise the glass and frames of your shower screens Each type of shower screen we offer comes with configuration options, hardware, and unique glass, ensuring optimal conformity with your existing bathroom design. We will also come up with the proper glass shower screen measurements to reap the benefits of the space you’ve available.


Selecting a shower screen type that matches your bathroom’s aesthetics and design is actually the perfect starting point. From there, we will help you factor in everything necessary to make sure you’ve your dream shower.

The 4 Types of Glass Shower Screens and Doors At Geelong Glazier, we offer different kinds of glass shower screens. The clients of ours in Geelong is able to pick from the following types of shower screens:

Semi-frameless glass shower screens
Frameless glass shower screens
Fully-framed shower screens
Some other kinds of alternative glass shower screens


Each shower screen type offers features that are similar. These features may differ based on the frame structure and design of your shower type, in addition to the price point of the shower screens.

Safety glass
Durable opening mechanisms
Shower screen door pivot clamps
Shower door handles
High-end water seals
Mitred and smooth-polished glass edges Nevertheless, there’s a distinction between the frame structure and design of each shower screen type, and each shower screen has a unique price schedule.

Need Glass Installation

In case you’re looking to install glass balustrades for your balcony or staircase, get in touch with us at Glaziers Cairns and we are able to help.

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