Custom Built Commercial Shopfronts

Your shopfront is the very first thing a new customer is going to see, so it is vital that you make a great impression. When the glass in your shopfront window looks old or perhaps is actually damaged, it is able to send a message about the quality of the company of yours. Make the perfect first impression – talk to the team at Geelong Glazier about upgrading or perhaps repairing your shopfront windows.

Amazing Designs

Everything about the business of yours should reflect the brand of yours – including your shopfront design. Geelong Glazier is able to enable you to develop a shopfront that has lasting attention and maximum impact. If you’ve a specific design in mind or perhaps you are attempting to project a certain image for the company of yours, we are able to help.

As installers and manufacturers, we’ve the versatility to produce stunning bespoke designs. Whether that includes creatively styled framing or perhaps modern glass panels with minimal framework, we’ve the abilities and experience to make it happen.

The vast majority of our shopfronts are actually constructed using aluminium framing, and that is incredibly, durable, and strong versatile. The shopfront glass is generally laminated safety glass or perhaps toughened glass. The protective layer prevents intruders from easily breaking the glass. Powder coating also can be applied to the aluminium framework to change the colour.


Geelong Glazier is able to install both your shopfront windows and commercial shopfront doors. One phone call is actually all it takes, and we will complete the job from start to finish.

All our framing and shopfront windows comply with Australian Standards and business building regulations. in case you have not recently replaced the windows of yours, call Geelong Glazier to discover if your current shopfront windows are actually compliant with regulations and do not pose a safety threat to your customers and staff members.

With numerous businesses open seven days a week, we understand the difficulties and time constraints that come with installing new shopfront windows. Having worked with a lot of businesses over the last 15+ years, we are going to work around the clock to ensure there’s little disruption to the day-to-day operations of yours.


It is essential to get some repairs fixed straight away. A cracked window can not just pose a safety threat to customers and staff, it is an open invitation for intruders. Additionally, the damage will just get more intense the longer you leave it.

Geelong Glazier have a group of experienced glaziers that can fix your damaged glass on the spot. We are on call 24/7, so whether it is night or perhaps day, call Geelong Glazier.

Get Durable, Quality Construction

Most shopfronts are actually of aluminium construction, strong, durable and incredibly versatile. These frames are usually glazed in laminated safety glass or perhaps toughened glass. Powder coating may also be used to the framework if preferred in an assortment of colours.

Need Glass Installation

In case you’re looking to install glass balustrades for your balcony or staircase, get in touch with us at Glaziers Cairns and we are able to help.

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