Security Window Screens

Security Window Screens


Security Window Screens in Geelong Looking for a security window solution for your business or home? Look no further compared to Amplimesh security window screens. The ideal choice for people who want a long lasting, fast to implement and one time investment, security window screens protect the home of yours from intruders and keep pets and kids safe from falls.

Available in an assortment of customisable options for all kinds of windows, our security window screens are actually a sure fire way to add protection to your office or home. Only some security window screens are made equally, and we are proud to manufacture and distribute Amplimesh security screens and security doors. The Amplimesh brand is actually a leader in the security industry, going above and beyond Australian security standards with their durable and attractive security solutions.

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Types Of Security Windows

At Geelong Glazier we are able to fit our security screens to all kinds of windows. Whether you would like to add security screens to brand new windows or perhaps retrofit existing windows, we will give you great results.

Mesh security window screens from Geelong Glazier are actually a reliable option for windows of all sizes and shapes.

  • Awning window
  • Casement window
  • French window
  • Sliding window
  • Fixed window
  • Fast escape
  • Hinged window


Full protection – Security screens offer complete protection from all you would like to keep out: bugs, pests, burglars, intruders – you name it, security screens from Geelong Glazier will keep it out.
Custom designed – Designed to mesh with your existing architecture, our security screens are actually custom, streamlined, and minimal designed to suit the windows of yours. Amplimesh screens are available in an assortment of custom sizes and finishes to compliment the home of yours or perhaps business’s feel and look.
Anti-break – All of our screens are actually tested to meet Australian standards for resistance and strength. Made of a durable, break proof stainless steel mesh, these screens are actually corrosion resistant and can’t be cut or perhaps punctured by crowbars or knives
Money saving – Security screens help you save money on glass replacement and reduce damage related costs.
technology that is Unique – Intrudaguard screens are actually made of tempered marine grade aluminium with a distinct perforated design. You don’t have to compromise on style and design when looking for a security solution.
Strongest materials – Amplimesh products are actually made of 316 marine grade stainless steel, probably the strongest material in its class. This high tensile material is actually corrosion resistant and passes the shear knife test.


Our security screens have been tested under rigorous tests and extreme conditions.
Dynamic impact test – For this particular test, a sizable force is actually applied suddenly to the screens, simulating an attempt at a break in.
Lock and hinge lever test – The lock and hinge lever test tests the fixings – including the hinges and locks – of the security door or perhaps window to make sure that they will stand up against a jemmy attack with a crowbar or perhaps screwdriver.
Salt spray test – This test determines whether the product of yours is going to stand up to coastal conditions without rusting or perhaps corroding.
Knife shear test – This test is actually self explanatory: a knife is actually taken to the security mesh to determine whether the screen is actually shred proof.
Cyclone rated – Since parts of Australia are actually cyclone prone, all security doors and screens are actually rated for the safety of theirs in a cyclone.
Fire attenuation – Will your screens hold up to fire? This test determines whether embers will pass through the display if there is a fire.
Bushfire test – Since one of Australia’s biggest risks is actually bushfire, bushfire resistance tests are actually crucial. This test checks whether the screens of yours will stand up to a naked flame.


Geelong Glazier are actually trusted suppliers of security screens and glass and aluminium products for residential and commercial applications. We have been in the glazing industry in Geelong for more than fifteen years.

The staff of ours is able to provide guidance for probably the best security window screen for the project of yours. Our vision is usually to be the ultimate window, door, and aluminium specialists. We offer creative, unique solutions with better customer support.

Need security screens quick? We will work with you to get a fast turnaround for the delivery and installation of the screens of yours at a time that matches your needs.

Need Glass Installation

In case you’re looking to install glass balustrades for your balcony or staircase, get in touch with us at Glaziers Cairns and we are able to help.

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