Mirrors can improve the space of yours in ways that are several; it all boils down to the personal style of yours. When selecting the size, shape, and frame of the mirror there are actually countless ways to decorate your office or home.

A custom mirror is actually a work of art in itself. If it’s opulence and elegance that you wish to achieve, then mirrors are actually among the most ideal decorative elements you are able to use alongside beautiful furniture and pieces of art.
Geelong Glazier offer a substantial range of all types of mirrors in shapes that are various and graphic design, tints, edgework, plus framing, and sizes .
From bathrooms to hallways through to dining wardrobes or rooms, we are able to custom make mirrors to suit the needs of yours with precise workmanship and quality.


Deciding on the size and shape of your custom built wall mirror can be difficult; the following are actually a number of factors which will help you decide.


Residential Mirrors

Make your living room look bigger with a floor length wall mirror.
Add a bevelled round mirror just above the console table in the hallway for a quick check before you leave home.
Need a functional storage solution? Mirrored sliding cupboards are actually a great minimalist addition.
Match custom bathroom mirrors with complimentary frames to other fittings like the shower screens, tap, cupboard handles, and tiling.

Commercial Mirrors

Install full length wall mirrors in studios and gyms to go over a whole wall or perhaps multiple walls. The most effective way to achieve a seamless look is actually with frameless mirrors with polished edges.
Add long vertical mirrors in fitting rooms to provide the customers of yours the total image of the apparel you are offering.
Furnish your commercial bathroom with long horizontal mirrors above the sinks for a traditional look or perhaps add round framed mirrors for a more contemporary feel.
Ready to bring your mirror dreams to reality? Talk to us about the vision of yours and we are able to make it happen.


Framed Mirror Solutions

Geelong Glazier use powder coated premium aluminium frames which are actually ideal as an understated decorative mirror. With a selection of colours to choose from, framed mirrors are most commonly fitted with spring loaded clips.Looking to obtain a custom statement mirror made? We create beautiful, unique mirrors – get in touch to see what we are able to do.

Frameless Options

A timeless mirror option, frameless mirrors with a polished or bevelled edge are actually the best minimalist decor addition to a modern residential or perhaps commercial bathroom.

Optional edgework includes a raised, polished or perhaps bevelled finish that may be fitted with spring loaded clips, glue or chrome domes fixed if preferred.

Precision cut edges refract light, giving the mirror a subtle framed look. Commonly used in rooms, bathrooms, above fireplaces, and hallways with matching decor, bevelled mirrors add classic function to any space.

Frameless polished edge mirrors are actually perfect for adding light and openness to any space; they’re a typical choice of fitting in studios and gyms where large floor length mirrors are actually required.

WHY CHOOSE Geelong Glazier

When getting a custom created mirror, you want to make sure that the item is actually up to standards and is actually equipped by a qualified individual. The Geelong Glazier team have been installing mirrors after 1969, which means you are able to rest assured that we will accurately and safely install the mirror of yours. Safety and quality are our top concerns; we adhere to the Australian safety and quality standards and just use probably the best materials and folks in the industry.
We are going to walk you through the entire process, offer tailor made expert advice on the mirror style and size for the project of yours, and ensure you’re completely satisfied from the start to the finish.
Geelong Glazier delivers quality you are able to trust.


Take your home decor to the next level with the many choices we are able to offer. Made from probably the highest quality glass, the finished product of yours is going to be a beautiful and functional piece.

Need Glass Installation

In case you’re looking to install glass balustrades for your balcony or staircase, get in touch with us at Glaziers Cairns and we are able to help.

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