FOR EVERY GEELONG PROPERTY Glass doors can surely give your home fresh style and appeal but how do you understand what kind of glass doors (or windows) are actually going to stand the test of time? You need a choice that fits commercial property, business, or your home, holds up to the elements, and is actually within your budget? An excellent place to begin is actually by consulting with a specialised glazier whose products comply with Australian standards and who’ll consider the needs of yours in terms of the context of yours and certain requirements, be it commercial or residential.

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Glass doors enhance the views of yours and bring a heightened sense of flow and elegance to the space of yours. They are also perfect in case you are tight on space, since they do not need any extra space to open beyond the frame they are fitted in. Glass doors are actually effortless to open and close, so anyone is able to set the opening to partial or full with ease. Maximise the natural light in the home of yours or perhaps commercial building and add instant warmth and appeal.

Enhance views & heighten sense of flow
Space efficient and practical
Aesthetically appealing
Maximise natural light
Eco sustainable
Secure and safe
Easy access


We pride ourselves on being leaders in the supply and installation of quality glass doors.

The following are probably the most famous types of glass doors:

Bypass Doors

door panels are actually hung alongside each other. Tracks at the top and bottom of the door frame allow one of the glass panes to slide behind the other, making it so easy to open up and close the doors as you want.

Multi-Stack Glass Doors

Multi-stack glass doors can be equipped with up to two fixed panels and four sliding panels sliding left to right.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors created from a series of glass panels with timber, aluminium or perhaps steel frames, which fold against each other like an accordion to stack against one end such as a concertina.

Security Glass Doors

Security glass doors fitted within (and complementing) an existing glass sliding door system, these act as an impenetrable security barrier, protecting the home of yours from intruders. The advantages of installing security sliding doors are actually massive.

Patio Sliding Doors

Patio sliding doors unlike other types of sliding doors, these’re made of weatherproof aluminium, which creates a practical and seamless transition between your outdoor and indoor space.

Safety (fly) Screen Doors

A must for Geelong homes, fly screen doors offer ventilation and keep other insects and flies out. These may be fitted within an existing glass sliding door system.


Costs of glass doors are a lot dependent on the door of yours or perhaps window size, the number of panels required, your materials preference, and choice of finish.

We’ve a number of choices available to customise the doors of yours, from pane sizes and glass finish, to door and frame materials, you will get a glass door to perfectly suit the space of yours. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.


Our staff of installers at Geelong Glazier are actually certified to operate across residential and commercial projects. We’ve stringent processes that all installers follow to ensure installations are always to a higher standard. This translates to higher level care and attention to detail from start to finish:

Clear, friendly communication
Fastidious measuring procedure
Customising to your precise specifications
Installing with care and in a timely fashion

Need Glass Installation

In case you’re looking to install glass balustrades for your balcony or staircase, get in touch with us at Glaziers Cairns and we are able to help.

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